press release

We are pleased to announce the gallery’s seventh exhibition of Tobias Rehberger (b. 1966) , on view from April 19 to May 21. Unifying a variety of participants and disciplines for targeted, purposeful collaboration s has always been and remains an integral part of Tobias Rehberger’s artistic practice. For his first solo exhibition at neugerriemschneider in 1995, Rehberger invoked this ethos by creating portraits in the form of vases of each artist exhibited by the gal lery . Without sharing this concept with the artists, Rehberger asked each to send him their favorite flowers for the exhibition’s opening . The result was a sort of double por

trait of each artist, achieved via Rehberger’s formal, often humorous, and fully unexpected adapt ations that took on qualities of the surrealist exquisite corpse. It is exactly this moment of intended coincide

e nce that Rehberger seeks to attain in his collaborations, creating a forum for aesthetic disconnects and misunderstandings that have become increasingly uncommon in today’s hype r

stylized art and design world . Tobias Rehberger’s exhibition presently is simultaneously an homage to and retrospective o f his many artistic collaborations, bringing together many of those whom have accompanied him as friends, coll

eagues, and mentors. By i nviting not only artists but also architects, product and fashion designers, and musicians to rethink the concept of a group e xhibition together with him , Rehberger reinforces his assertion that an artist does not have to be a solitary figure. For Rehberger, creativity is not fostered in a vacuum, but rather is the result of ideas, actions, interactions, and coincidences . With presently , Rehberger enacts contemporaneity in the purest sense of the word – as shared time .