press release

Tomahawk // Archer Breakspear: Poly is the gallery installation in the second iteration of Fugitive Structures, an annual architectural initiative aimed at emerging and mid-career architects.

Tomek Archer and Toby Breakspear are Directors of Tomahawk // Archer Breakspear. Tomahawk Studios is a research and production company which operates in disciplines beyond conventional boundaries of architecture, including research, technology, product design, curating, manufacturing, licensing and procurement. Archer Breakspear is an architectural practice established in 2013. The Practice is founded on the belief that architecture is fundamentally about shaping spaces that inspire many forms of occupation.

It’s really a staging platform on which things can happen. As an artefact, it’s an incomplete artwork. It’s only complete when it is being used, and that probably makes sense for all architecture. We’d all agree that to some extent people are meant to engage with architecture. Tomek Archer (2014)

The idea is flexible enough to be appropriate for inside the gallery and it could be deployed again and again in different forms and developed further over time. Toby Breakspear (2014)

A full-colour catalogue published by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation accompanies the exhibition and includes an essay by Professor Anthony Burke, Head of School of Architecture, University of Technology, Sydney, and interviews with Robert Beson, Director, AR-MA and Tomek Archer and Toby Breakspear, Directors, Tomahawk // Archer Breakspear.