MoMA PS1, Long Island City

MoMA PS1 | 22-25 Jackson Ave. at 46 Ave., Queens
NY 11101 Long Island City

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P.S.1’s International Special Projects presents three Croatian contemporary artists and their works on video,sculpture and drawing.

Tomislav Buntak’s (born1971, Zagreb) delicate,largescale, marker on canvas drawings depict classical landscapes in a stylized and unique manner. He will look to Christian and mythological references to createa site- specific wall drawing featuring fantast icalandescapist scenes at the P.S.1 café.

AlenFloricic, (born1968, Pula)explores the body through short, poignant videos which reduce the human form to endless, repeating, rhythmic patterns. Shown in the corridors and bathrooms of the museum, the videos will surprise the viewer with their candorandslightlysinister humor.

Kristian Kozul’s (born1975,Munich) sculptures recast the bana linto objects of flamboyant desire. In his Discowarecollection (2002/2003), bedpans ,arm braces and wheel chairs are covered in mirror mosaics, rhinestones and feathers, stripping them of their utilitarian purpose and transforming them into overtly decadent fetish objects. Through these exemplary contemporary Croatian artists, P.S.1 will give its audience an opportunity to view the diverse and provocative new face o fEastern European art.

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Tomislav Buntak, Alen Floricic, Kristian Kozul
Kurator: Alanna Heiss