press release

Mizuma Art Gallery is delighted to announce Tomoko Konoike Exhibition from 20 April - 21 May. This is KonoikeÅfs third solo exhibition at Mizuma Art Gallery in three years since 2002.

Since KonoikeÅfs first painting solo exhibition in 2000, she has done pencil animation, objects, and illustration for a novel ÅgKobikiÅh by Tatsuhiko Shibusawa etc. displaying depth as an artist working on full activities. Through each activity, she has thoroughly confronted herself. As a result dramatic change has began to appear in her ways of expression.

Today Konoike is working on a ÅgtaleÅh comprised of four paintings. For Konoike, the tale is counter-dynamic to something Ågnewly createdÅh or rather it is something that has always existed waiting to be embodied. She considered ways to capture and seal the characteristic of beauty and grotesque tale, which undermine our deep layer of psychology, and where she had reached was to plant the work towards past-time axis: not to Ågpaint a new paintingÅh but as if to Ågpaint by recallingÅh the pre-existing tale.

This tale is told from the end to the beginning. Six meter long large painting Chapter Four ÅgThe ReturnÅh-Sirius Odyssey (2004) was exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo on January, Chapter Three ÅgWreckÅh (2005)Åh at Mori Art Museum, and Chapter Two will be shown at this exhibition. And one day when she finished the last first chapter, she will exhibit these paintings on four walls of the space where the last and first chapter will be connected, completely confining the tale within the infinite continues circle of paintings. Konoike envisages that at this particular moment, the listener (audience) will be released from nagged around tale, allowing them to view the tale from the outside. No one will know how the ÅgtaleÅh going to be sealed within painting until the tale is completed.

As if it were past few yearsÅf of concentrated energy of Konoike initiating a chain reaction big-bang (!) in each exhibition space, these large bodies of works are worth seeing. These museum exhibitions will also show animation and object evolving an installation space.


Tomoko Konoike "Emergency Landing in the Meadow"