press release

In this show based on her experimental film “(JC{639})”, the artist elaborates on an exhibition project of the same name (first realized in 2013) about the John Cage Organ Project Halberstadt, Germany, which has been in progress since the year 2000.

In allusion to Cage’s composition for organ, “ORGAN²/ASLSP” (1987), which is made up of 89 tones arrived at by chance operations – and is to be performed in Halberstadt for 639 years – the artist created 89 individual scenes (clips) to be sequenced into new versions of the film using chance operations (= scene drawings) by selected persons. The show centers on an installation of the first 45 of the planned 89 film variations of “(JC{639})”.

From May 4–19, 2016, a related exhibition is being shown in the gallery artdepot (Maximilianstraße 3), featuring John Cage’s composition “ASLSP” (1985) on player piano as well as additional works by Sabine Groschup and a group of artist colleagues she selected (opening: May 3, 7 pm).

The exhibition is presented in cooperation with the John Cage Organ Foundation Halberstadt, the John Cage Trust, TONSPUR Kunstverein Vienna, the artdepot gallery, the Leo cinema, and the Jesuit Church of Innsbruck.