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TRANCE_SIBERIA, a 3-hour filmic triptych The "trance_siberia" party, a MAK NITE event curated by Andi Kristof, will put visitors into that specific "trance_siberia" state that you are likely to lapse into on one of those endless rides on the Trans-Siberian Railway. In her filmic action, Lena Lapschina gives an impression of some of the pastimes of the passengers. With the ever-same landscape passing by in the train-car window, hours and hours are spent reading, speaking, eating, drinking, and dreaming, like in a trance. Lena Lapschina projects her filmic work on three screens, making it a spatial experience. The film is accompanied by live music of "Nuclear Los" of Novosibirsk, one of the big names of the Russian electronic scene.

only in german

A Filmic Action by Lena Lapschina
Nuclear Los, live music
trance_siberia party, a MAK NITE event
Kurator: Andi Kristof
04.04.06, 8 pm