press release


The format of transmediale/conversationpiece is not like past festivals: instead of a singular theme with static exhibition and program structures, artistic and research practice will unfold live through a variety of talks, discussions, lectures, workshops, and experimental hybrid formats. Due to the exchange-based nature of the events, many will be registration-only, allowing for a limited number of participants to engage in rigorous discussion and collaboration. Four thematic streams serve as an organizing principle for the conversations and presentations: Anxious to Act, Anxious to Make, Anxious to Share, and Anxious to Secure.

Additional to the event streams, the newly developed Co-Curricular program comprises workshops, panels, and participatory formats aimed at university students in the fields of art, design, and media. As in past years, transmediale is collaborating with CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art – to present a variety of events across Berlin through the extensive Vorspiel program, which forges a network of cooperation between cultural institutions, project spaces, and actors in and beyond the city.

Confirmed participants Jussi Ängeslevä, Jamie Allen, Alfredo Aracil, Lara Baladi, James Bridle, Declan Clarke, Andrew Clement, Brody Condon, Diakron, Keller Easterling, David Garcia, Sarah T Gold, Vinay Gupta, Martin Hartmann, Femke Herregraven, Ralf Homann, Sophie Hoyle, Juha Huuskonen, Valentina Karga & Pieterjan Grandry, Eric Kluitenberg, Joasia Krysa, Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, François-Joseph Lapointe, Evan Light, Simona Levi, Nicolas Maigret, Ola Möller, RecPlay Lab, Kate Rich, Alona Rodeh & Mule Driver, Steve Rowell, Stefan Schumacher, Vermeir & Heiremans, Eyal Weizman