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A full color brochure containing an essay by Janine Antoni will be available free of charge. Please contact apexart for a list of public programs related to the exhibition and further information. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11-6. above: diagram by Tim R. Riley Like a treasure map, these images will be viewed with only a suspicion of the treasure they might be leading you to. Spawned from necessity, the unique qualities of each image are the direct result of the specificity of a problem and the questions with which it is concerned. The selection of works draws from a wide range of images that represent visual thinking from outside the field of fine art. Vinzenz Unger is a Molecular Biophysicist and Biochemist at Yale University. He will exhibit a video that pictures the intricate architecture of molecules that allow cells to communicate directly. Elizabeth Streb has developed her own form of dance notation which will be exhibited alongside documentation of the annotated dance. Earle Brown’s graphical scores from the 1950’s will be shown next to a contemporary musical interpretation of his composition. Tim R. Riley is a professor in the Mathematics Department at Yale University. Exploring aspects of Geometric Group Theory with his collaborator, Steve M. Gersten, Riley has developed images to attack mathematical questions at the crossroads of algebra, geometry and topology. A kolam, a kind of Hindu prayer drawing, will be accompanied by the sound of the mantra that was chanted while making it. In every case, the works exhibited in Treasure Maps are a radical translation of one form into another. The inevitable loss implicit in translation preserved the mystery of that which is being represented. Despite the fact that the specific references of each image are unknown to the viewer, there is still an internal logic to intuit and contemplate. In the end these images situate us in a place of wonder somewhere between the maker’s personal visualization and their inkling of a treasure contained within it. Pressetext

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Treasure Maps - curated by Janine Antoni
Participants: Earle Brown, Chitra Ganesh, Tim R. Riley, Michael Schumacher, Elizabeth Streb und Vinzenz Unger