press release

It began with a phone call; a chronicle of anecdotes relating many disparate events concerning post World War II Berlin.

Several months later, an evening tale carried the anecdotes into a spurious set of narratives, which managed to link the histories of three German identities:

Reinhold Hahn Reinhold Huhn Otto Hahn

In an attempt to verify or perhaps simply connect these fragments and seemingly unrelated histories I travelled to Berlin during summer 2004. By exploring the city; asking locals and visiting museums, monuments, wastelands and architecture I started collecting details, which I had hoped would find their place in my own story, the unravelling of the hahn and huhn.

Since that summer visit I have been assembling and re-working many of the discoveries and materials, trying to communicate them through various forms. The project currently manifests itself as an installation consisting of verbal storytelling.

only in german

Tris Vonna-Michell
Performance and show
hahn/huhn 2003-2006