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Opening Reception: July 9, 6-9 pm

For its summer phase opening on July 9th, X is pleased to present solo shows by Tris Vonna-Michell, Luke Fowler, and Keren Cytter. Each artist has attracted the attention of several European institutions and has participated in prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including the Berlin Biennale, the Yokohama Triennial, and the Venice Biennale. This is the first large-scale American presentation for each artist. Vonna-Michell, Cytter, and Fowler all share an interest in personal narratives and storytelling, exploring the secret workings of memory and resuscitating obsolete genres to open up new creative possibilities.

On the fourth floor, British artist Tris Vonna-Michell will present an exhibition that expands on the artist's investigation into language and convoluted narratives. Working across different genres such as performance, visual poetry, and sound art, Vonna-Michell has been exploring the ways in which stories and events are remembered and re-told. Intersecting personal memories with forgotten histories and using outmoded technologies such 35-mm slides and record players, old family photographs and photocopies, Vonna-Michell creates environments that recall fictional archives in which accelerated monologues and frantic speeches resonate. For his exhibition at X, Vonna-Michell will present a new body of work alongside a selection of existing projects and site-specific interventions.

The recipient of the 2008 Derek Jarman Award from the Serpentine Gallery in London, Scottish artist Luke Fowler will present a survey of his films on the third floor of X. Fowler's work expands the conventional boundaries of documentary filmmaking. Mixing historical materials and original recordings, archival footage and new takes, Fowler creates a personal form of cinematic narrative that follows free associations and idiosyncratic connections. Populated by maverick figures such as anarchic musicians, experimental psychoanalysts, and other unconventional figures, Fowler's films compose a personal history of dissent and liberation.

On the second floor, X will host Keren Cytter's first major survey in the United States. Born in Tel Aviv and currently living in Berlin, Cytter creates movies that appropriate and transform different cinematic genres, such as film noir, melodrama, documentary, and soap opera. Often set in cheap domestic interiors, Cytter's films depict dysfunctional families and alienated friends on the verge of nervous breakdowns. The exhibition will include the US premiere of her new movie Four Seasons, 2009, presented alongside a selection of her videos and a group of drawings never exhibited In America. Cytter conceived the project as an immersive experience in which synchronized videos will alternate on different screens and lights will suddenly illuminate her drawings, creating a theater of images in the exhibition space. Keren Cytter's exhibition is supported by Artis – Contemporary Israeli Art Fund, New York and Tel Aviv.

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Tris Vonna-Michell, Luke Fowler, Keren Cytter