press release

The artists in this exhibition, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, Georganne Deen, and Deanna Templeton have distinguished themselves by creating unique bodies of work easily recognized by their personal style and thorny content. They intersect in the social/emotional landscape by witnessing the kind of behavior with which most of us would deny having familiarity. These three artists provide us with markers to gain conscious recognition of where we are. Each of these three women bring their unique perspective to the show with Taylor's depictions of tough, scrappy women in desert environments, Templeton's distinctly Orange County photographs and Deen's fresh interpretations of the myth of Persephone. Alison Elizabeth Taylor's narratives in contact paper inlay examine the experiences of ordinary women. Her work in this medium subverts inlay's decorative status by constructing narratives that are neither decorative nor facile. By portraying these women in a technique associated with high-brow opulence and privilege, respect is given to the subject. At the same time, it challenges expectations and connotations associated with the material and the notion of what is worthy of memorializing. Taylor grew up in Las Vegas, recently completed an MFA at Columbia University and has shown her work at galleries such as 96 Gillespie in London, the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Exit Art in New York and at Acme and Track 16 in Los Angeles. Her paintings and contact paper inlays have been reproduced in the book, The Melvins: Neither Here Nor There , Venus magazine and by the Le Dernier Cri collective in Marseille. Georganne Deen presents a fresh interpretation of the myth of Persephone in a series of oil paintings loosely reminiscent of bible story illustrations. Hers is a sordid tale of madness and the deadly struggle to maintain control of one's one soul when locked in battle with sexual obsession. Deen has shown her work at LACMA, the Drawing Center and ENTWISTLE. Deanna Templeton's photographs document the skater subculture from a female point of view, something she has pursued with her series of "autographed girls" for the past seven years. Her photos capture the young groupies who flock to skateboarding events in Southern California, not as skateboarders themselves, but as fans of the skaters who perform. Her work has previously been shown at n44 in Paris, Museum Het Domein in Holland and the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. Deanna has been featured in Venus magazine and her photography has recently been featured in Anthem magazine.

Deanna Templeton, Alison Elizabeth Taylor and Georganne Deen