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Ugo Rondinone’s autumn exhibition at Sadie Coles features a major new series of ‘mandala paintings’, the latest in a series which the artist began in 1991. Collectively titled pure sunshine, nine circular canvases spray-painted with concentric yellow rings combine to form a visual symphony evoking a constellation of suns. The yellow bands, whose melting edges recall heat haze, reflect a number of Rondinone’s enduring preoccupations – whether with time, cosmic cycles, or the primordial opposition of day and night. In line with all six of Rondinone’s groups of paintings (landscapes, mandalas, horizons, windows, stars and brick walls), each work is titled according to the date of its completion. This strategy, with its echoes of Minimalism (On Kawara’s Date Paintings, for example), here suitably reflects the unchanging – seemingly unending – diurnal course of the sun. As throughout the artist’s practice, time is expressed verbally and space pictorially. With their different shades of shimmering yellow in variously sized bands, the works employ a scheme which has recurred throughout Rondinone’s corpus, in both his mandala paintings and rectangular horizon paintings. The theme of sunshine itself reaches back to earlier projects such as an installation at the Berlin Biennale in 1998, where a window was tinted with yellow plexiglass and a soundtrack played the refrain “everyday sunshine!”

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Ugo Rondinone
pure sunshine