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Uncoordinated: Mapping Cartography in Contemporary Art May 17 -August 17, 2008

Curated by Clare Norwood

If we equate maps with truth, what power does the mapmaker possess?Stefana_McClure_2

Maps have a remarkable effect on our view of the world. At the root of their power is our frequently unquestioning acceptance of cartographic messages. Though we equate maps with truth, it is crucial to be conscious of the omissions and limitations of the map making process in order to create a readable map. Thus in turn, maps and their makers have the ability to manipulate their audience with the information chosen to include.

This exhibition addresses the subjective nature of mapping, how we locate ourselves in consideration of changing boundaries and territories, and how we give visual form to boundaries, territories and land masses. Artists in this exhibition confront the politics of naming of places, cartographic attacks on ethnic sensitivity, maps as evidence in boundary disputes, extension of terrestrial boundaries into nautical masses, and maps as scientific and political voice. The war in Iraq and the Middle east, the changing scape of New Orleans, the shifting boundaries in Africa, expanding cities, suburbs, dwindling country and rezoning in our local communities- all of these issues are materials for artists in the exhibition.

Participating artists: Leila Daw, Jonathan Callan, Radcliffe Bailey, Tim McMichael, Torben Giehler, Jimmy Baker, Aleksandra Mir, Brian Alfred, Russell Crotty, Francis Alys, CLUI, Qin Ga, Matt Coors, Bern Porter, Elin o'Hara Slavick, Mollie Oblinger, Zach Herrmann, Noriko Amber, Marco Maggi, Stefana McClure and others.

Uncoordinated: Mapping Cartography in Contemporary Art

mit Brian Alfred, Francis Alÿs, Noriko Amber, Radcliffe Bailey, Jimmy Baker, Jonathan Callan, CLUI , Matt Coors, Russell Crotty, Leila Daw, Torben Giehler, Zach Herrmann, Marco Maggi, Stefana McClure, Tim McMichael, Aleksandra Mir, Mollie Oblinger, Elin O´Hara Slavick, Bern Porter, Emily Prince, Qin Ga ...