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After World War I, striking modern posters began to trans­form the stations of London’s underground railway system into public art galleries. The posters, designed by significant artists like László Moholy-Nagy, Zero (Hans Schleger), and Abram Games, were the crucial face of a pioneering public transport campaign for coherence and efficiency that also included station architecture, train interiors, and Harry Beck’s iconic Underground map (1931–33). This installation presents over twenty posters that speak to the experience of modern London—from the promotion of culture and entertainment to the anxieties of daily life during WWII.

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Underground Gallery
London Transport Posters, 1920s–1940s
Kuratoren: Juliet Kinchin, Aidan O’Connor

Künstler: László Moholy-Nagy, Zero (Hans Schleger), Abram Games, Harry Beck, ...