press release

Unhinged is a sprawling group exhibition tapping the depth and breadth of eclectic work contained in Pierogi’s iconic Flat Files. Work by nearly eighty artists will be exhibited salon style throughout the gallery. Pierogi’s twenty-year anniversary is next year and this exhibition will be a prelude to that event. We've been delighted by the participation of many artists in the flat files over the years and we want to celebrate their involvement.

The Pierogi Flat Files began in 1995 with the idea of making original artwork available to a larger audience. The files themselves are chests of flat drawers holding portfolios of artworks, including all types of media, from painting, drawing, and collage on paper, to photography…anything more or less flat able to fit in the drawers. The first files were exhibited at Four Walls in Brooklyn and consisted of 20 artist portfolios. Since that time curators, collectors, critics, art dealers, and the general public have donned white gloves to view work in the files, which have grown to include the work of over 800 artists, and which have been widely imitated. In 2009 Pierogi launched a (no-white-gloves-required!) online version of our Flat Files, searchable by artist, media, or stylistic tags. A selection of works by each artist are viewable online and are always on view in the physical files at Pierogi in Brooklyn, NY. Additional sets of traveling Flat Files are often on the road, and when not traveling are viewable at Pierogi. The traveling Flat Files have been on view in London, Manchester, Vienna, and at numerous institutions across the US. While the files were in London, one writer noted: “Drawings are ideally viewed in this way; through the process of locating, removing and handling individual pieces qualities of spontaneity, experimentation and intuition are enhanced… A more convincing representation of New York art than a dozen issues of Artforum.” (Mark Currah, Time Out London)

“As an artist myself, I have always found works on paper compelling and often with a great sense of immediacy. The idea for Pierogi’s Flat Files grew out of my realization that people don’t often get to see these kinds of works in formal gallery and museum shows, and so the Flat File portfolios were an ideal way for people to look through and actually touch original works and, in a sense, become their own curator, with works by established artists next to those by relative unknowns.” (Joe Amrhein)

A group exhibition with a sprawling, salon installation tapping the depth and breadth of the Flat Files

Raina Accardi, Bobby Neel Adams, Mauro Altamura, Nils Folke Anderson, Reed Anderson, Micah Adams, Rene Pierre Allain, Jonathan Allen, Karen Arm, Mike Ballou, Ju Young Ban, Man Bartlett, Louise Belcourt, John Berens, Daryl Bergman, Jimbo Blachly, Jean Blackburn, Mathew Blackwell, Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Stefan Bohnenberger, Nadja Bournonville, Katherine Bradford, Linda Bradford, Uli Brahmst, Louis Brawley, David Brody, Roland Buiter, Tom Burckhardt, Bette Burgoyne, Bruce Busby, Ken Butler, Bill Byers, Scott Vincent Campbell, Davide Cantoni, Marina Cappelletto, Sue Carlson, Ananda Day Cavalli, Amy Chan, Michael Childs, Amanda Church, Elsie Church, Clare Churchouse, Jared Lindsay Clark, Dawn Clements, Brian Conley, Guy Correiro, Marsha Cottrell, Carolyn Cox, Zoe Crosher, Hugo Crosthwaite, Daniel Davidson, Katrin Kieckman, Kirsten Deirup, Linda Dennis, Dan DevineRoland Buiter, Brian Dewan , Don Doe, Michael Duva, Carl Eckhoff, Nicole Eisenman, Elise Engler, Robert Otto Epstein, James Esber, Heidi Fasnacht, Jane Fine, Xenia Fink, Tony Fitzpatrick, Dan Ford, Matt Freedman, Kohei Fukuda, Gilbert Flores, Joe FyfeRoland Buiter, Angus Galloway, Sonja Georgsdöttir, Bill Gerhard, John Giglio, Judy Glantzman, Abby Goldstein, Danny Goodwin, Barbara Grad, WM Graef, Joanne Greenbaum, Stacy Greene, Clare Grill, Donald Groscost, Ellen Grossman, Robert Gutierrez, Eric Hanson, Cynthia Hartling, Susan Havens, Doug Henders, Jonathan Herder, Linda Herritt, Robert Hickman, Peter Hildebrand, Emily Hilderbrand, Jen Hitchings, Miriam Hitchcock, Karla Hoepfner, Manuela Holban, Chan Kok Hooi, Sharon Horvath, David Humphrey, James Hyde, Lisa Iglesias, Mayumi Ishino, Oxana Jad, Yoshiko Kanai, Amy Jenkins, Kristen Jensen, Erick Johnson, Kim Jones, Steve Karlik, Darina Karpov, Mark Keffer, Kim Kimball, Charles Koegel, Matthew Kolodziej, David Kramer, Larry Krone, Will Lamson, Maria Levitsky, Tyko Lewis, Cynthia Lin, Drew Lowenstein, Giles Lyon, Eric Mack, Ati Maier, Matt Marello, Harutak Matsumoto, Carey Maxon, Shane McAdams, Steven McClure, Ryan McGuiness, Nat Meade, Sandra Meisel, Sean Mellyn, Shari Mendelson, Sam Messer, Valerie Merians, Katie Merz, Shiri Mordechay, Andrea Moreau, David Moriarty, Ryan Mrozowski, Heidi Neilson, Garry Nichols, Jessica Nissen, Nicky Nodjoumi, Leah Oates, John O’Connor, Gina Occhiogrosso, Gene Oldenfield, Paul Pagk, Beata Pankiewicz, Gary Panter, Jeff Pappas, Ga Hae Park, Meg Brown Payson, Ann Pibal, Liza Phillips, Amy Jean Porter, Devin Powers, Katherine Powers, William Powhida, Letitia Quesenberry, Ross Racine, Susan Reedy, Lucas Reiner, Jason Repollé, Luis Coig Reyes, Mark Reynolds, Brent Riley, Ruth Root, Edward J. del Rosario, Jessica Deane Rosner, Gail Rothschild, Raimundo Rubio, G. Jesse Sadia Jr., Karin Sander, Howard Sanders, Katia Santibanez, Julie Sass, Michael Schall, Jef Scharf, Matthew Schommer, David Scher, Jonathan Schipper, Ward Shelley, Drew Ellen Shiflettt, Simone Shubuck, Lisa Sigal, Lissi Sigillo, Sara Sizer, Mike Smith, Stefanie Snider, Tim Spelios, Charles Spurrier, Michael St. Germain, Gary Stephan, Lisa Stefanelli, Oriane Stender, Bruce Stiglich, Greg Stone, Kurt Strahm, Sara Sun, Jason Szalla, Lynn Talbot, Sam Tan, Michael Tarbi, Jim Torok, Penelope Umbrico, Gabriela Vainsencher, Matthew Wollgraff, Sarah Walker, Alan Wiener, Marjorie Wellish, Trevor Wentworth, Curtis Whaley, Summer Wheat, Mark Williams, Margaret Withers, Suhee Wooh, Zhao Xuebing, Mika Yokobori, Charles Yuen, Daniel Zeller, Deborah Zlotsky