press release

The exhibition UN/REAL? is based on the relation between the real and the unreal. The reality which we are functioning in, and the one that may surround us.

It is an attempt at a technological simulation of probable reality. The question mark in the title introduces anxiety into this concept. Actually we don’t know whether, by chance, we have already entered the virtual world – “para-reality”. If so, how should we distinguish the virtual world from the real one?

The exhibition shows the minimal limit between authenticity and what it seems to be, and what may delusively resemble reality. Is the concept of reality according to the artists the one that we would like to function in?

This project considers the huge influence of the mass media and consumer culture on the areas connected with politics and religion and indicates the manipulation of these issues.

Life and reality have become the illusory effects of the media. They can easily be transformed into a line of digits, rendered as unreal as every other element of reality…

Some people believe that the digitalisation of culture will lead to fundamental changes in the image of reality and to the establishment of a new discovery of the world.

If it’s not reality but digital space beyond the reality which generates pictures which are more than real – we are caught in a trap.


only in german

Kurator: Agata Rogos

mit Centreal , CUKT , Oskar Dawicki, Jacek Niegoda, Przemek Sanecki, Anna Witkowska, Grzegorz Klaman, Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz, Mateusz Pek, Janek Simon, Kijewski & Kocur, Dorota Nieznalska, Twozywo