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"UNTITLED" is the story of a biker obsessed with the throttle, of a fly dreaming of the endless agony of being caught in the paint of a monochrome, of a death row prisoner who finds the sound of the electric chair the overture of his yet unwritten symphony.

This group exhibition considers the state of tension that grips the biker when he realizes his throttle is stuck and he is unable to brake. A dubious moment: when life is threatened and the spectre of death haunts. A flash when silence and void comes suddenly to life. An unstable zone, where the notion of time expands to infinity, reduced into the terms of possibility. A moment when everything can disappear but at the same time is still full of life. "UNTITLED" takes that moment and dilates it into the time span of this exhibition.

The phenomenon of absence is primary. The threat of an eclipse, the fading of an artwork (alone in the dark, invisible, and of interest to no one, which - in these times of crisis and of disenchantment - certainly arouses the pity of charitable souls) is what precisely marks its interest and its relevance. The stability of an art work, its serenity, its tranquility, is doomed to be no more than a simple image, reassuring, digestible. What remains at the root of its interest is the anguish of a possible disappearance, the tension stemming from a presence of a lurking uncertainty.

Additional support for this exhibition provided by: STANLEY THOMAS JOHNSON FOUNDATION, BERN; Flemish Community of Belgium.

The Swiss Institute is deeply saddened by recent events and has changed the original exhibition title in response.

Marc-Olivier Wahler

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Untitled (previously titled MAYDAY MAYDAY)
Kurator: Marc-Olivier Wahler

mit Rene Bauermeister, Peter Garfield, Tim Gilman (Frantiska & Tim Gilman), Bob Gramsma, Naoya Hatakeyama, On Kawara, Peter Land, Abigail Lane, Euan MacDonald, Thom Merrick, Jan van Oost, Sophy Rickett, Jean-Claude Ruggirello, Jordan Tinker ...