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No flying umbrella…no super-powered nanny: nonetheless visitors to Urs Fischer’s Mary Poppins will be treated to a bit of creative magic. Inspired by the infusion of the extraordinary into ordinary patterns of daily existence that fuel the story from which the exhibition takes its title, Fischer has created a new body of sculpture that continues his tradition of violating established orders of reality by blending aspects of the imaginary with everyday reality. His installation makes liberal use of the Blaffer Gallery’s space through architectural intervention and a theatrical mis-en-scene that is an integral part of the exhibition. Fischer describes a world in constant flux, one in which materials may develop a life of their own, exhibitions take shape in situ, and a sense of time passing is prevalent. His work is characterized by an open and fluid approach to materials and an obstinate disregard for practical limitations. Organic and synthetic materials commingle freely in sculptures and inst allations where entropyis integral to the work and mutation is the key. In his emphasis on process and transformation, Fischer creates exhibitions that are very much alive. Presenting the viewer with potentially mutating scenarios, he challenges the mythical notion of the studio artist producing finite objects of ultimate authority. Instead he draws freely from cultures high and low, and deftly balances humor and tragedy, delicacy and brutality, complexity and banality to create poignant vignettes of everyday life.

Urs Fischer
"Mary Poppins"