press release

The STIFTUNG DOMÄNE DAHLEM – LANDGUT AND MUSEUM presents in 2020 the three-part exhibition series Domäne.ART, in which the artists deal with the relationships between man, nature, ecology, agriculture and urbanity by means of different materials and techniques.

The group exhibition URWALD, ACKER, SCHREBERGARTEN - Invented Paradises with works by Jan Brokof, Joanna Buchowska, Klaus Hartmann, Verena Issel, Anne Neukamp and Daniel M Thurau opens the exhibition series. With their works, the artists refer to selected objects from the cultural-historical collection of the Museum Domäne Dahlem.

Man and his relationship to nature are the focus of artistic discourse. The Garden of Eden is the symbol of untouched nature, which is alternately admired, domesticated or exploited as a foreign, often hostile and yet vital space.

The objects in the collection of the Museum Dahlem tell stories that are interpreted differently by the artists in dialogue and are ventilated, underlined or rewritten in the works.

Herrenhaus, open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please note the opening hours to contain the corona virus.