press release

The Várfok Gallery, as one of the first private contemporary art galleries in Hungary, celebrates its 25th Jubilee this year. In recognition of this special occasion, numerous exhibitions and special programmes have taken place during the year at the gallery. The highlight of the year, the VÁRFOK 25 Anniversary Exhibition, will open on the 30th November, the birthday of the gallery. It will focus on the history of the Várfok Gallery and its place in the Hungarian contemporary art scene over the past 25 years.

The Várfok Gallery may be considered as the cradle of the Hungarian contemporary art market, and in this respect is an outstanding example of best possible practice. Its quarter-century of history, its continual development, continuity and non-profit making projects, as well as its constant striving to achieve the highest possible standards, makes the Gallery unique with regard to the Hungarian art scene.

The Jubilee Exhibition will take place simultaneously in three venues: at the Várfok Gallery, at the Várfok Project Room and at the 1st District’s Municipal Gallery, the Várnegyed Gallery. In each the visitor will be able to trace the highlights and history of the Gallery from 1990 to the present day.