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It is a great pleasure to present new works by Vibeke Tandberg in her first exhibition in the new space of the gallery c/o - Atle Gerhardsen in Berlin.

In the series Princess goes to bed with a mountain bike (2001) that consists of 8 single photographs (each 126 x 166 cm), Tandberg is investigating the difference between film and photography.

Dressed as a princess, she is moving through a room and finally taking her mountain bike to bed with her. By mounting the single images in a way that they overlap, she stresses the motion sequence and the series obtains a 'cinematic' character. The medium film is constituted through the fast sequence of single images, evoking motion and passing of time. Tandberg succeeds to break this definition while showing borders of motion by selected images and creating a kind of 'still movie' (Tandberg) by the overlapping technique.

Princess goes to bed with a mountain bike looks like a cartoon strip. Thereby, the motif of the princess follows a personal preference of the artist and reminds of childhood dreams and fairy-tales, a subject in most children-movies. Tandberg has consciously chosen this absurd and almost banal motif in order to refer to the medium film as the central aspect of this work.

The gallery is also very pleased to present the first solo exhibition by the young Norwegian artist Jan Christensen (*1977). He executes a new wall painting that is reflecting his occupation with media images, computer- and internet graphics and that refers graphically to the architectural space itself.

Both artists will be present.

Vibeke Tandberg opens at the same evening at Martin Klosterfelde gallery. On show will be the photograph series 'Sunflowers' and the video film 'Taxi driver too'. Pressetex

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Vibeke Tandberg / Jan Christensen