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Victor Skersis, Mozart and Salieri of the Moscow underground, presents a new exhibition of the works "Art - Wow!" at GMG gallery.

This exhibition of new works by Victor Skersis complements his recent mini-retrospective, The Artist and His Model, which appeared recently at the Stella Art Foundation. Skersis's sophisticated cerebral art is a rapturous continuation of the traditions of the Moscow conceptualist school. Meta-conceptual works like Albert, show some modernism! and Yup! Zat's me! focus our attention on the problems of contemporary art. What is art? Can a metaphor be fundamental? Is a work of art just the petrified by-product of the cognitive process, or is the work itself art? Is Art what separates us from the animals, and if it is, then does Art emerge on the level of the individual creator or is it formed at the trans-personal level? "...Questions… Questions… Bol'she voprosov chem otvetov. Мэни вопросов, few otvetov." But all the same we still need to ask.

Don't we? Yes!

The Triptych Accordionist is a manifestation of a model of metaphragmatical transformation assumed to represent transfiguration of an undefined function of a type y = ƒ(x), where (x) is undefined. Therefore ƒ(x) is reconstructed from the fuzzy mind's local latent intentions of the type (а ≠ а). From here it follows that in a given interpretation resultant manifestation of the model is the constant (y ∏ a).

Victor Skersis

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Victor Skersis
Art - Wow!