press release

The Bonn Videonale - international video art festival and competition has continuously expanded and shifted since its beginnings in 1984. Complementing the screenings, the programme of the biennial survey is today rendered more exciting by its large-scale exhibition and discussions by experts focusing on current themes in media art. The curator of the most recent festival, Videonale 10, Georg Elben, comments on the works from the collection that are presented at the screenings in Budapest. The first evening of the event (at the Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest) offers a selection of works of German video art from the past 25 years. On the second evening of the programme (in the Dorottya Gallery), it is selected works from the Videonale 10 that are featured, and we can also become acquainted with the unusual architecture of the Kunstmuseum Bonn, which hosts the exhibition of the festival, providing a new solution for the presentation of video and media art in exhibition form.

KUNSTHALLE (XIV. Hősök tere) Video art in Germany from the last 20 years

Klaus vom Bruch - "Das Alliiertenband" 1982, 10 min Marcel Odenbach - "Stehen ist nicht umfallen" 1989, 5 min Dieter Kiessling - "Fallende Scheibe" 1986-1992, 4 min Lili Voigt - "Nackter Tanz" 1995, 4 min Corinna Schnitt - "Zwischen vier und sechs" 1997, 6 min Frances Scholz - "Wir kennen uns übrigens" 1998, 4 min Ulu Braun/Alexej Tchernyi - "Fish Soup" 2006, 10 min

DOROTTYA GALLERY (V. DOROTTYA U. 8.) Videonale 10, 2005 Kurators: Georg Elben, Kati Simon

The program has been realised in cooperation of the Ernst Museum's Dorottya Gallery, the Videonale Bonn and the Kunsthalle Budapest within the framework of "Kulturfrühling" with the kind support of the Goethe-Institute and the Municipal Government Budapest, Cultural Committee.

Selected videoworks of the VIDEONALE 10 at Kunstmuseum Bonn 2005: Dirk Königsfeld - "02° 5650 W 53° 2504 N" 2004, 11 min Katja Davar - "People who trash elevators" 2003, 2 min Susanne Bürner - "Ohne Titel 3" 2003, 6 min Alex McQuilkin - "Get your gun up" 2002, 3 min Roland Schappert - "Bar/Vegetation" 2003, 3 min Judith & György Kurtag - "Meet me (t)here" 2004, 5 min Jana Eske - "Fracht" 2003, 1 min Oliver Geissler/Beate Sann - "Return to Veste Rosenberg" 2004, 10 min Nicolas Provost - "Papillon d`Amour" 2003, 4 min

Ernst Muzeum / Dorottya Gallery, Budapest:
Presentations and video-selections

mit Ulu Braun, Klaus vom Bruch, Susanne Bürner, Katja Davar, Jana Eske, Beate Geissler / Oliver Sann, Dieter Kiessling, Dirk Königsfeld, Judit Kurtag, György Kurtag Jr., Alex McQuilkin, Marcel Odenbach, Nicolas Provost, Roland Schappert, Corinna Schnitt, Frances Scholz, Alexej Tchernyi, Lili Voigt