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For the past 15 years Brazilian-born artist Vik Muniz has photographed his own illusionistic drawings and sculptures and presented them in large scale prints. Muniz "recreates" famous images using chocolate syrup, dust, thread, nails, soil, or tiny discs punched out of glossy magazines. The resulting artworks are uncanny reproductions, often from memory, of well-known art historical and photojournalist images. Muniz’s virtuosity and humor imbue familiar paintings and pictures with a new character that transforms their meaning due to his unusual methods.

The Academy’s Vik Muniz exhibition, curated by assistant curator Robert Cozzolino, features works that focus entirely on images from art history. Dating from 1993 to 2005, these "recreations" will showcase Muniz’s dazzling technical range and surprising approaches towards image-making. Vik Muniz is a collaboration with the West Collection, a corporate contemporary art collection overseen by SEI Investments, a local firm based in Oaks, Pennsylvania.


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Vik Muniz
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