press release

The next alter ego is Bruna, or Nonna Bruna as her grandchildren call her. Nonna Bruna was born in 1933 in a village in the hills of Umbria, where she still lives. Her parents, and her parents’ parents, were farmers. “Wide-open land, wildflowers, field of sun-flowers, tree-speckled hills, cool river swims, birds and insects always humming, food grown in our fields, this is the landscape of my life. I’m from a time when everything was done with ours hands. If you wanted something, you had to make it.“... “I can’t say I know much about art. What I like are simple pictures with people and animals and places in them. I like stories. I like when you can see someone has a story to tell and the best way they can tell it is by making something with their hands."

Nonna Bruna is the alter ego of Margherita Belaief, an art dealer and curator. Born in Umbria from an italian mother and american father, graduated international relations in 2002, moved to Milan, then New York, now Berlin, has worked for the collector Giuseppe Iannaccone, Flash Art, in New York for Gavin Brown’s enterprise and now is the gallery director in Peres Projects Berlin.

Vivere Country is an american country living magazine recently published in Italy with this name.