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Over the past decade, New York–based artist Wade Guyton (b. 1972) has pioneered a groundbreaking body of work that explores our changing relationships to images and artworks through the use of common digital technologies, such as the desktop computer, scanner, and inkjet printer. Guyton’s purposeful misuse of these tools to make paintings and drawings results in beautiful accidents that relate to daily lives now punctuated by misprinted photos and blurred images on our phone and computer screens. Comprising more than eighty works dating from 1999 to the present, Guyton’s first midcareer survey will feature a dramatic, non-chronological design in which staggered rows of parallel walls will confront the viewer like the layered pages of a book or stacked windows on a monitor. The exhibition will include paintings, drawings, photography, and sculpture, and will conclude with two spectacular new canvases, stretching up to fifty feet in length, which Guyton created specifically for the Whitney’s Marcel Breuer–designed building. The title, Wade Guyton OS employs the common acronym for a computer’s “operating system,” linking Guyton’s art to the technologies of our time.

Wade Guyton OS is organized by Whitney curator Scott Rothkopf.

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Wade Guyton
Kurator: Scott Rothkopf