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Opening on Saturday, January 29

We are happy to present the research- and exhibition project: WE INVITE ALL

A glossary in response to: "Europe: The Third Way" (1999) by Tony Blair and Gerhard Schröder

By the Academy of Fine Arts Umeå Project Group: (UAPG) Erica Bergman, Magni Borgehed, Kalle Brolin, Anna Henriksson, David Helander, Janna Holmstedt, Ingela Johansson, Andreas Kurtsson, Eva Linder, Kamilla Levring, Marie Magnusson, Lars Nilsson, Åsa Norberg, Stina Pettersson, Jennie Sundén, Eva Marie Lindahl, Ninia Sverdrup, Nina Svensson, Solveig Lindgren. Whatever...

We are tremendously thankful for textual and visual comments on the Schröder and Blair paper made by the following contributors:

Alexander Meschnig, Andreas Ferm, Andreas Neumeister, Anna Harding, Armin Chodzinski, Barak Reiser, Bernd Krauss, Claire Bishop, Dan Perjovschi, Daniel Pies, Deimantas Narcevicius, Elke Ritt, Florian Wst, Gruppo Parole e Immagini, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Johanna Billing, Laura Horelli, Liam Gillick, Simon Dybroe Mr, Sofie Thorsen, Ulrich Brg, Ursula Panhans-Bhler, Volker Eichelmann, Ziad El-Khatib.

Visualized by Lise Harlev Initiated by Sören Grammel & Jan Verwoert

Technical realisation by Robert Djärv

only in german

Kuratoren: Sören Grammel & Jan Verwoert

Künstler: Johanna Billing, Erica Bergman, Claire Bishop, Magni Borgehed, Ulrich Broeckling, Kalle Brolin, Armin Chodzinski, Volker Eichelmann, Anna Enriksson, Andreas Ferm, Liam Gillick, Gruppo Parole E Immagini , Anna Harding, David Helander, Janna Holmstedt, Laura Horelli, Ingela Johansson, Ziad El-Khatib, Bernd Krauss, Andreas Kurtsson, Kamilla Levring, Eva Marie Lindahl, Eva Linder, Solveig Lindgren, Marie Magnusson, Alexander Meschnig, Simon Dybbroe Moller, Deimantas Narkevicius, Andreas Neumeister, Lars Nilsson, Asa Norberg, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Ursula Panhans Buehler, Dan Perjovschi, Stina Pettersson, Daniel Pies, Barak Reiser, Elke Ritt, Jennie Sunden, Nina Svensson, Ninia Sverdrup, Sofie Thorsen, Florian Wüst