press release

Wendezeiten is the German term for times of crucial changes and takes on several layers of meaning in the context of this exhibition. Starting on 13th of February 2016, the exhibition will bring together works by around 50 German artists representing a new and upcoming generation that has the potential to become just as crucial as the generation of German artists who visited the CCA in the initial years from 2001-2005 and have dominated the art world over the past 10 years.

The times of crucial changes refer just as much to the political and social changes due to the increasing globalization and the direct influence of that globalization on the German art scene as to the changes that each individual artist has to face when confronted with a different culture and environment. Thus, German art today is not just a local art scene but a movement of German artists migrating to all parts of the world, seeking new inspiration, blending in or leaving traces.

For many of the visiting artists at the CCA, the time of their residency has been a time of change, very often coinciding with a turning point in their career. Wendezeiten offers a broad perspective of an emerging German art scene and artists to follow in the coming years.

“A national identity must be constantly reconstructed and questioned.”

Maria Anna Tappeiner (Curator)

“Nations do not paint paintings.”

Werner Hoffmann (Collector)

“Art is then a genuinely human médium for revolutionary change, in the sense of completing the transformation from a sick world to a healthy one. In my opinion, only art is capable of doint it.”

Joseph Beuys (Artist)


Abel Auer (1974, DE), Florian Auer (1984, DE), Awst & Walther (DE, UK), Florian Baudrexel (1968, DE), Tjorg D. Beer (DE, 1973), Lutz Braun (1976, DE), FAMED (DE), Lutz Fezer (1973, DE), Carsten Fock (1968, DE), Sabrina Fritsch (1979, DE), Klaus Geigle (1969, DE), Torben Giehler (1973, DE), Birke Gorm (1986, DE), Phillip Grözinger (1968, DE), Tobias Hantmann (1976, DE), Dani Jakob (1973, DE), Stephan Jung (1964, DE), Markus Karstieß (1971, DE), Bettina Khano (1972, DE), Henning Kles (1970, DE), Bernhard Martin (1966, DE), Timo Nasseri (1972, DE), Frank Nietsche (1964, DE), Markus Oehlen (1956, DE), Manfred Pernice & Martin Städeli (1963, DE & 1962, CH), Kai Richter (1969, DE), Wolfram Sachs (1965, DE), Isabelle von Schilcher (1983, DE), Lukas Schmenger (1981, DE), Helga Schmidhuber (1972, DE), Richard Schur (1971, DE), Meik Stamer (1978, DE), Katja Strunz (1970, DE), Gert & Uwe Tobias (1973, RO), Claudia Wieser (1973, DE), Jens Wolf (1967, DE).