press release

The small-sized objects and drawings by Doris Hansen (artist in residence) create an imagination of nature, Bernadette Moser adopts and alienates natural cobwebs in an interplay of light and shadow.

Alexandra Gschiel and Markus Wilfling will perform a duel in black and white, which is networking with time and leaving traces. About the living by Ila is presenting a thousand years old oak relict and the photo documentation about the ritual and artistic process of creating.

Doris Hansen shows an ongoing series of works called mikrowelten in kunstGarten. For her small light objects and drawings she uses forms coming from nature and develops out of this material artificial paradises. The light objects are hanging and standing round platforms with garden and forest like scenery, which are covered by half spheres of PVC. The materials are as artificially and industrially produced: styropor, plastic, synthetic objects and LEDs. The drawings are developed from digital coloured scans from pencil drawings. The artificiality of these perfect and glamorous worlds out of plastic are confirmed by using forms, which remind of the extraterrestial phantasies of early science fiction films and comics. In the mikrowelten the spectator does not only meet nature itself, but the imagination of natural forms as artificial contemporary utopias.

Bernadette Moser: In SPINNEN:NETZE (spider networks) the artist deals in an experimental manner with the architecture of networks, the relationship to space and their function as well as their essential and aesthetic use. This way she puts together nature and culture and allows contextual insights for the visitor, including a social context. Media: foto, installation.

A Couple’s Game – a black & white performance by Alexandra Gschiel and Markus Wilfling. As passionate Backgammon players the two artists will get in contact. The performative installation grows out of a table, the table plate designed as the Back gammon play ground, two seats and the two actors dressed analogue in black and white. Unirritated by visitors the two artists continue their match. In the end they will take off their costumes, which will remain in place. Then they will mingle among the audience.

ABOUT THE LIVING, a photo documentation of the artist ILA, deals with the process of making over many weeks. The result is an art object, created intuitly and unconsciously.

The raw material which ILA used for his object, he got accidentaly during the visit of the oldest oak tree in Europe in Bierbaum an der Safen. The tree, which has an age of more than one thousand years lost a branch, from which one piece was used for this work of art.

The Artist are here for the opening 15th of May, 17:00. Openingspeakers: Michael Grossmann and Markus Waitschacher. Sa 16th of May ca. 16.15 Uhr guided tour (engl.) - Slaven Tolj, MMSU Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka (contemporary art in graz)