press release

‘Practical exercises… Decipher a bit of the town People in a hurry. People going slowly. Parcels. Prudent people who’ve taken their macs. Dogs: they’re the only animals to be seen. You can’t see any birds – yet you know there are birds – and can’t hear them either. You might see a cat slip underneath a car, but it doesn’t happen. Nothing is happening, in fact.

Carry on Until the scene becomes improbable. Until you have the impression, for the briefest of moments, that you are in a strange town or, better still, until you can no longer understand what is happening or is not happening, until the whole place becomes strange, and you no longer even know that this is what is called a town, a street, buildings, pavements…

Make torrential rain fall, smash everything, make grass grow, replace the people by cows and, where your street meets another one, make King Kong appear, or Tex Avery’s herculean mouse, towering a hundred metres above the roofs of the buildings!’

only in german

Wiley Hoard
Kurator: Michael Bonk