press release

The museum is hosting the first major retrospective of the Belgian artist, presenting a wide range of pieces, from his early until more recent works. Since the 1980s, he is famous for a creative and intelligent mix of the profane and the sublime, tradition and utopia, craftsmanship and new technology. Even though he is constantly reinventing himself, his work are inspired by drawings he made as a child, as well as his Flemish heritage with its love to cultural roots.

Recently, Delvoye is experimenting with the relationship between aesthetics and machinery. An example of a more recent work is “Cement Truck” (2012-2016), constructed out of laser-cut steel plates presenting shapes of gothic-style ornaments. The truck will be on display in the Solitude Park next to the museum.

He however takes his experimentation further in bringing ironic refraction to life, in works such as “Tim” (2006-2008), a Swiss man that sold his skin for tattoos to the artist and later to a collector. This provoking work will be presented during the opening week of the show and at Art Basel.

The exhibition at Museum Tinguely is realised in close cooperation with the MUDAM Luxembourg.