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I Didn’t Inhale is an exhibition of new and previously unseen photographs. It has been installed by Tillmans in a way that subverts the categories consigned to photography. Tillmans uses a fresh, unabashed approach to the traditional genres of still-life, landscape and portraiture. With a keen understanding of the codes of visual culture, he creates an exhibition that has the power to both surprise and engage its audience.

Working collaboratively with the people he photographs, Tillmans creates, “an atmosphere of possibility…getting people in front of a camera into a mode where on the one hand they can loose some of their inhibitions, whilst remaining aware of the process of which they are a part”. For this exhibition the artist selected and staged a version of the world in which he would like to live in.

Wolfgang Tillmans was born in Remscheid in Germany. He lived and worked in Hamburg at the end of the 1980s before moving to England. He studied at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art from 1990 to 1992. Since 1996 he has lived and worked in London. Tillmans won the Turner Prize in 2000.

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Wolfgang Tillmans
I Didn't Inhale