press release

This season's first group exhibition is the second of its kind at the Gallery Jocelyn Wolff - continuing a program that was first introduced with the exhibition Face contre terre. These exhibitions are created as a joint effort between Jocelyn Wolff and one of the gallery's artists. This show, created in collaboration with Christoph Weber, concentrates on positions from one generation whose works share a number of qualities such as a zwanglose (unconstrained) view towards the art of the sixties and seventies and a concentrated way of using media and materials.

These positions appear to take minimal as well as conceptual art as classical vocabulary that is then transformed and related to new thematic fields. Their approach to these art forms is essential, while remaining playful at the same time. This casual yet serious referencing is perhaps best exemplified by one of Tina Schulz's pieces in the show, where she rebuilds a Prop piece by Richard Serra, in contrast to its original material - cast lead - by using wood, paper and graphite. This type of reference is also present, if somewhat less directly, in the works of Jan Mancuska, who often uses installations to investigate language - both on a formal level and with literal content.

The diversity of themes relevant to today taken up by the six participating artists becomes apparent in works such as those by Andreas Fogarasi and Marlene Haring. Fogarasi investigates public space by looking at the role of culture in the context of tourism, leisure and representation. Marlene Haring, on the other hand, explores social space. Employing a wide range of, at times, humorous and subversive means, her works comment on social expectations and limitations, 'sex' and 'gender' and cast a critical eye on the current body cult.

Another central and shared aspect of the artists' works is their approach to media and materials. Working with a range of different materials, techniques and forms, each artist uses them with formal precision as well as contextual consistency. This becomes apparent in Katinka Bock's two relational objects, which reveal their contrasting nature through the different formal uses of the same material. Christoph Weber's piece, Material, which systematically catalogues all materials listed in the "Blockbuster" Art at the Turn of the Millenium by Taschen Verlag can be seen as a starting point of the exhibition. The reduction of this colorful publication to a textual level is as concentrated as the way these six artists, presented in the gallery, work today.

Antonia Lotz

Performance Marlène Haring : Lickingglass October 29 at 11:15 AM At Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

wood, photographs, aluminium plate, LED, table, book, silkscreen, personal computer, monitor, web connection, nivea cream, video, paper, graphite, pencil, acrylic

mit Katinka Bock, Andreas Fogarasi, Marlene Haring, Jan Mancuska, Christoph Weber