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Wrong Time, Wrong Place is an exhibition featuring work by more than twenty international artists currently working in Rotterdam as artists in residence. Wrong Time, Wrong Place also highlights the major influence that five studio complexes have exerted on the dynamism of the artistic climate in Rotterdam.

... Rotterdam possesses a network of artist residences, unique in the Netherlands, which operate on an artist-to-artist principle. Artists offer other artists accommodation in their studio complexes. B.a.d, Kaus Australis, Het Wilde Weten, Duende, Kunst & Complex and others are studio complexes where local artists work and also act as hosts for foreign colleagues who want to spend some time working in Rotterdam. Venues like Duende and Kunst & Complex have been responsible for a lively climate of exchange for over twenty years. B.a.d, Het Wilde Weten and Kaus Australis offer international guests not only a studio but also a stage on which to showcase their work. In the period 2oo5-2oo7 This Neck of The Woods was temporarily turned into Canadian territory and hosted many international guests.

Now the city can boast a long and rich tradition of guest locations initiated by artists. As a result, the community of a Rotterdam artist is no longer limited by the city boundaries but covers the entire continent of Europe and beyond.

... For an artist, a period of residence is usually a way of gaining experience, making contacts and finding inspiration. The artist heads into the city, looks, thinks and discovers. The experiences gained surface later elsewhere in the art. Wrong Time, Wrong Place turns this principle around and shows the work of artists in precisely the place where it was conceived. It not only shows this ‘new crop’ in Rotterdam but also questions the relation of the artist in residence to the kaleidoscopic reality of the modern city. The exhibition presents the artists at a vulnerable moment as they try to balance the identifiable desire for a home with the acknowledgement of our nomadic and global reality. The main question posed is: Why does Rotterdam appeal so much to foreign artists? What are they looking for here that they cannot find elsewhere? And what is the effect of this constant flow of visitors on the artist community in Rotterdam?

...The architect-designer duo Ooze (Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg) came up with a graphic grid that forms the underlying framework for the exhibition Wrong Time, Wrong Place. Eva Pfannes [DE] has lived and worked in Rotterdam since 1997 and set up the office Ooze with architect Sylvain Hartenberg [FR]. Since then they have worked together on commissions ranging from urban design and architecture to interiors. Ooze was nominated for the Prix de Rome Architecture in 2oo6.

...It is a broad group of twenty-one artists of different nationalities, working in as many media. A number of artists made new pieces specially for the exhibition. Guest accommodation is even provided in the exhibition itself (Knock on Woods).

... Thanks to B.a.d, Het Wilde Weten, Kunst & Complex, Kaus Australis, Duende, Knock on Woods, European Cultural Foundation and the Canadian Council for the Arts.

Sofian Audry [CA], Simon and Tom Bloor [UK], Frank Bruggeman [NL], Teresa Cebrián [ES], Derek Cracco [US], Laetitia Gendre [FR], Nikolaus Gansterer [AT], Giancarlo Pazzanese [CL], Silke Koch [DE], Peppe Licari [IT], Maider Lopez [ES], Marcela Moraga [CL], Yvette Poorter [CA], Nathan Redwood [US], Susan Schmidt [DE], Andrea Schneemeier [HU], Helmut Smits [NL], Trixi Weis [LU], Aeneas Wilder [UK], Emile Zile [AU]

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Wrong Time, Wrong Place

mit Sofian Audry, Simon & Tom Bloor, Frank Bruggeman, Teresa Cebrian, Derek Cracco, Laetitia Gendre, Nikolaus Gansterer, Giancarlo Pazzanese, Silke Koch, Peppe Licari, Maider Lopez, Marcela Moraga, Yvette Poorter, Nathan Redwood, Susan Schmidt, Andrea Schneemeier, Helmut Smits, Trixi Weis, Aeneas Wilder, Emile Zile