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The title "x squared" stands for a work concept that is devoted to a collective production of conditions, interests and perspectives. Contrary to the social division of labour, which was organized and functioned as an instrument of apportionment and divided up individual members of society into highly differentiated categories of practical and social assignments according to the dictates of efficient production, the structure of collectives adheres to the idea of constituent social parameters which primarily question the autonomy of the individual (i.e. his or her self-contained definition of self). Thus, the idea of a collective production acts both as the objective and the point of departure of this project. Artistic production, which manifested itself over the centuries in the finished work of art (in other words in the object), is beginning to concentrate on conveying (economic, political and aesthetic) dependencies, in order to make way for inter-dependent activities - to the detriment of the work of art and to the good of the artistic work. As a result, "x-squared" is less an exhibition of individual works than an attempt to bring to mind the conditions of production in a constituent collective reality, that aims to be included into any discussion of the artists in the exhibition.

Annika Eriksson has filmed the dreams of an Austrian who lives in Sweden and used his ideas as her starting point.

Julija Ezergailis has adapted efficient telemarketing techniques to bring the artworks of a colleague (Anita Leisz) to an audience that would not normally be reached by the generally passive and self-limiting institutional forms of mediation.

Jens Haaning installed his "Office of Exchange of Citizenship", in order to bypass the limitations of national identities by way of the principle of exchange.

Swetlana Heger & Plamen Dejanov who put themselves on offer for various jobs within the framework of everyday economic reality, will be earning their vacation by discussing the performance precepts of artistic production.

Lothar Hempel is imparting his experience of forming a scene in the area of electronic music.

Helmut & Johanna Kandl will avail of the exclusiveness of institutionalised art to loudly demand the attention of passers-by from the roof of the Secession.

Philippe Parreno & Pierre Huyge produce a magazine that is dedicated to a placebo figure, the ficticious "Anna Sanders", in order to investigate collective clichés and constructions of identity.

Isa Rosenberger & Roland Rust founded "J.V.Sparks" to realise the project of a "J.V.Sparks Hotel" which will inform about the ficticious and actual financial support commercial enterprises offer to artistic transactions.

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X Squared

Künstler: Annika Eriksson, Julija Ezergailis, Jens Haaning, Swetlana Heger & Plamen Dejanoff, Lothar Hempel, Helmut Kandl, Johanna Kandl, Philippe Parreno & Pierre Huyghe, Isa Rosenberger & Roland Rust