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ACT II- THE WHITE SPACE CONTINUUM The Story: According to ancient legend, there was once a pair of islands in the Province of Xujian called Black Star Twins. On one of the islands there lived a beautiful concubine called Lady Midnight Snowdrops. She was sent to live there by the evil empress Gar-Rin Got who feared her great intelligence and phenomenal beauty.

One day a giant vulture from a very distant galaxy, Ona Dullia descended on the island and attempted to rape Lady Midnight Snowdrops. Luckily, the lady had in her possession a set of magical black balls which she transformed into powerful twin black hole vortexes. Using the awesome forces generated by the black holes, she succeeded in killing the vulture. However the battle left her island in complete ruin and in a pang of the deepest sadness, she entered the black hole to escape.

THE VOYAGE BETWEEN OURSELVES Upon falling out the other side of the black hole, Lady Midnight Snowdrops found herself on an island that looked exactly like her old home, except everything was completely white in this realm.

Walking around, she discovered a set of 8 Amoede boxes under a tree with two diamond crystals. Immediately the Lady knew that this was where she could hide her true sadness. She was transformed into a snow-white egret.

CAST: XU HAN WEI AS LADY MIDNIGHT SNOWDROPS (BLACK) Xu Han Wei has been preformed in Beijing Opera all her life. She studied at the Shanghai Municipal Theater School and preformed as a leading actress with the Shanghai Youth Peking Opera Company and the Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre. During the Cultural Revolution she performed the lead role in the model opera Taking Tiger Mountain through Warlords. In addition to China, Ms. Xu has preformed throughout Asia and Europe. Born: Beijing, China. 1951

TERENCE KOH AS LADY MIDNIGHT SNOWDROPS (WHITE) Terence Koh was born into a family of Beijing Opera professionals. He began his training with his father at a very early age, then studied under the famous Beijing Opera artist, Mr. Chiap Meng, and became his best student. Koh is well known for his sweet voice and his graceful performance style. Recently, he has attempted to take on a new career as an artist in New York City. Born: Guangdong, China. 1978

MUSIC D’Argento; Anna Sew Hoy, Giles Miller, Jason Taylor & Scott Martin


The World Music Institute together with Peres Project Presents:

Xu Fan Wei & Terence Koh
Kohbunny Beijing Opera Company


The Voyage of Lady Midnght Snowdrops Through Duble Star Death
March 26th 2005 at 9pm