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THE CONCEPTUAL TRANSFER OF THE BODY "My works try to catch the human presence, mainly by means of a dialog with inert objects. The human body enters the world of the object adapting itself into a new way of being". the work of Yael Davids (Jerusalem, 1968) takes the body like point of reflection and starting point, although she also uses daily objects that happen to become corporal extensions. In their performance, although she is not often the protagonist, usually documents them in photographic format, facilities and videos, using actors or volunteers for her artstics experiments. The work of Yael Davids, is in this first solo exhibition in a spanish art gallery, has to do with the body and the daily objects. Interacting between both and the mimicry.

Relationship between them can get to be so narrow, that the body gets to be an object and the object leaves from the body. When using the body like object and subject of its works, also uses its materials, like the hair, nails, the skin, which causes that their sculptures are alive. Her work speaks of castrationn, dumb suffering, fastenings and taboo. The bodies that Davids presents, are fragmented and writhed but do not show pain, are not conscious. of them selfs. Works are a methaphore of the use which we do of our bodies, of the nonfreedom of such. The work of Yae Davids has been selected to participate in section of Performance of the Biennial of Venice (2005). Davids has exposed in Spain a in group exhibitions in the Museum Patio Herreriano in 2002 and the Koldo Mitxelena Hall in 2004.


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Yaël Davids / Sum
Yael Davids