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"WOMEN’S ROOM" presents four films that bear witness to the artist’s feminist convictions : Freedom, Fly, Rape; and Cut Piece (a film of Yoko Ono’s performance Cut Piece in 1964).

Using an experimental approach, linked to the Fluxus movement in which she participated from the moment of its inception; Yoko Ono often takes inspiration from the everyday. With the sound work, Cough Piece, composed out of the repetitive rhythm of coughing, and Sky TV, which shows an image of the sky taken by a camera placed on a roof, the artist has created a poetic body of work based in humorous irony.

"WOMEN’S ROOM" simultaneously makes reference to collective engagement and personal memory. Vertical Memory consists in a series of identical portraits associated with very short texts dealing with intimate, fictive, and real experiences. In each case, this confrontation seems to "displace" the meaning of the photographic image.

The artist’s clarity and her economy of means are at the service of a perpetually changing art. Advancing to the Duchampian principle according to which the creative act can only be completed by the spectator, she provides them with an active physical and metal role in her work. Yoko Ono solicits the imagination with Blue Room Event, which is made up of 14 hand-written sentences on the walls, ceiling, and floor, and the meaning of which is in total contradiction with what the spectator sees.

Today, Yoko Ono’s work finds an echo in that of a new generation of artists who, like Pipilotti Rist and Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, consider her to be an influence.

An artist’s book, entitled "SPARE ROOM", has been published on the occasion of this exhibition. Pressetext

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Kuratoren: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Julia Garimorth