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Yoko Terauchi’s Air Castle is a solid graphite drawing applied directly to the walls, floor and ceiling over a vast segment of the gallery, reflecting light with a grey sheen. The work suggests the intersection of floating spherical forms with the planes of the gallery space, thus altering the viewer’s perception of what lies beyond the space, and beyond perception.

A theme running through Terauchi's oeuvre is the investigation of the rational analysis that is applied to the perception of binary oppositions. Air Castle resists the viewer’s desire to impose logic on its forms. In a catalogue note in 1991, Terauchi explained, “only a small part of the whole work is perceivable, because only a small part of the world can be seen by any human being. This series uses the planes of the walls and floor as a material equivalent to this fraction, while the work as a whole extends beyond”.

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Yoko Terauchi
Air Castle