Jeu de Paume, Paris

JEU DE PAUME | 1, place de la Concorde
F-75008 Paris

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This Franco-Moroccan artist born in 1971 divides her time between Paris and Tangier.

Barrada's photographs and videos reflect her double cultural identity and raise the question of the “passage” between South and North, North Africa and Europe. In her text Le détroit ou une vie pleine de trous (1998-2004), Barrada observes the “desire for the West” felt by the poor of Africa, these clandestine emigrants ready to pay any price to cross the strait, escape their fate and enter a new world.

This year, Yto Barrada is the holder of the Ellen Auerbach Scholarship awarded by the Akademie der Kunst in Berlin.


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Yto Barrada
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