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Yves Klein produced a prescient body of work that has never before been the focus of an exhibition in the United States. Presented by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, L.A., Yves Klein: Air Architecture offers an opportunity to consider the conceptual artist's architectural projects and theories. The exhibition will feature drawings, texts, photography, sculpture and film from the Yves Klein Archive and will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue. Scheduled to open May 12, 2004 and on view through August 29, the exhibition is curated by architect Francois Perrin, who is also designing a site-specific installation for the Schindler House.

A natural extension of his interest in immateriality and dedication to working with the natural elements—fire, air and water—Klein's thinking about architecture began in 1958, when he was commissioned to decorate the Gelsenkirchen Opera House under the direction of Werner Ruhnau. In 1959, he began working with architect Claude Parent to create the Air Architecture drawings.

Air Architecture advanced Klein's ideas for creating a utopia that would return direct sensation to daily life. He proposed to manufacture a climate-controlled environment in which people could roam naked, in direct contact with the earth, sky and one another. Compressed air would be used to erect transparent walls, roof, even furniture. Service areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, storage, etc., would be relegated to underground spaces.

Scheduled to debut with the exhibition, the publication Yves Klein: Air Architecture contains many writings by Yves Klein, including a first English translation of his seminal 1959 lecture at the Sorbonne. In addition to introductory pieces by curator Perrin and MAK Vienna Director Peter Noever, the volume includes essays by writer and publisher Sylvere Lotringer ( Semiotexte ), art historian Juli Carson and architecture historian Mark Wigley ( Columbia University ). At a time when ephemerality and immateriality are important themes in architecture and design, this Hatje Cantz publication will add an important voice to contemporary discourse. Pressetext

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Yves Klein - Air Architecture
Kurator: Francois Perrin