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New York based film and media artist Zoe Beloff uses both digital and archaic film trickery to conjure up phantasmagorical worlds where mediums conjure up spirits, calling shadowy beings into reality. Drawing from cinema history, psychoanalytical studies and 19th century accounts of seances and mediums, Beloff's multi-media works create a dialog between technology, history and the unconscious.

For her first Portland appearance, Beloff will present two different programs of work. The first show features Shadow Land or Light from the Other Sideand Lost. Shadow Land is stereoscopic, 16mm film that is drawn from the 1897 autobiography of Elizabeth d'Esperance, a materializing medium who could produce full body apparitions. Lost's a piece for stereo 35mm slides, hand-cranked 16m projection and phonograph that recreates forgotten spaces from New Yorkís Lower East Side.

For the second program, Beloff will present Claire and Don in Slumberland, a combination of 3D slides and 16mm projection. Set against the empty, quiet background of Pleasure Beach, Connecticut, the characters act as conduits for the voices of the past and the fears and anxieties of the surrounding culture.

Program 1 Shadow Land or Light From the Other Side and Lost (60 min)

Program 2 Claire and Don in Slumberland (60 min)


TBA:04 Zoe Beloff - Psychic Projections
3D Film Performances