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Nadar (Félix Nadar, Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, b. 1820, Paris; d. 1910, Paris) was a portrait photographer and caricaturist.
In 1853 he founded a photo portrait studio in Paris, which became a meeting place of Parisian intellectuals. In
1858 he took first aerial photographs from a captive balloon. From 1860 he made portraits of Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Gérard de Nerval, Gustave Doré, etc. 1874 he organized the first Impressionist exhibition in his studio. 1886 he published the first interview documented with photographs, a portrait of Franz Liszt. In 1891 was the founding of the magazine "Paris Photograph".

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  • 25. Sep 09. Jan 2011
    La Bohème Museum Ludwig Köln