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Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto, born about 1519 in Venice, died in 1594 in Venice) was a painter of the Mannerism, who had great influence on the Baroque. In his works he uses unusual perspectives and dramatic lighting visions. Famous works are 'Apollo and Marsyas' 1547; 'Supper' 1547; 'The Miracle of St. Mark' 15; 'Adam and Eve after the Fall' 1553; 'Susanne and the Elders' 1555; 'Volcano surprises Venus and Mars' 1560; 'Mark Legend' 1566; 'Mythologies' 1578; 'Supper' 1594, amongst others. He was friends with the critic Pietro Aretino.

Mannerism, painting

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