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Founded as the Collectors Group in 1975, the MCA's Collectors Forum contributes a work of art to the MCA Collection each year. In recent years, it has contributed works by Swiss artist Beat Streuli, Italian artist Giuseppe Gabellone, Australian artist James Angus, and British artist Gillian Wearing. This exhibition presents three works the group is considering acquiring for the museum this year: Scottish sculptor Jim Lambie's Double Exposure (2003), a door fashioned into an object that suggests the energy of popular music - a world that Lambie often intersects with as musician, DJ, and artist; American artist Kori Newkirk's Bam-Bam (2003) incorporates woven artificial hair and pony beads, referring to both art history and urban fashion; and New York-based artist T.J. Wilcox's three garlands films (2003), short silent vignettes, focus on personal aspects of everyday life. Pressetext

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2004 Collectors Forum Acquisition
mit Jim Lambie, Kori Newkirk, T.J. Wilcox