press release

Conny Dietzschold Gallery is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and to mark the event will hold major exhibitions in Sydney, Cologne, Melbourne and Hong Kong. The first Jubilee exhibition celebrating 25 years of Conny Dietzschold Gallery was held in Hong Kong showcasing the work of twelve exceptionally artists from around the world.

The exhibition is a celebration of the Conny Dietzschold Gallery's core international program, which focuses on "new tendencies in conceptual, concrete and constructive art," and featuring, "painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and new media." This core program encourages the artist to exhibit the culmination of the main new directions in their practice. This is where the gallerist takes you on a journey through the artist's vision. Once seen through her eyes, the artworks take on a new intensity, direction and purpose. This is the generosity of a genuine art lover who knows how to get our overexposed eyes to slow down, encouraging them to see beyond the immediate, and revealing layer after layer of meaning in the works.

This exhibition will be a total celebration, not only of Conny Dietzschold as gallerist, curator, mentor, teacher, but of what Dietzschold and her galleries represent in the world of collectable contemporary concrete and conceptual art. What one will experience with the array of artists and their work on exhibit will be the strength, vigor, playfulness, beauty, challenge, culture and place concrete and conceptual contemporary art plays in the world of Art.