press release

8 Femmes pays homage to the 2002 François Ozon movie of the same title. The film revisited the genre of the screwball comedy through the exhibition of struggle between the sexes, between economic classes and in a broader metaphorical way dealt with escapist fantasies in male dominated societies. The exhibition takes the film as a starting point and embarks on an analysis of women preparing their own image to face others and their dialogue in a female universe. It makes the themes of the theatrical, glamour as well as space and body come together while underneath the surface of artificial cosmetics there is a witful and amusing reflection on femininity.

8 Femmes features work by Sascha Braunig (CAN), Jess Fuller (USA), Anthea Hamilton (UK), Ella Kruglyanskaya (USA), Melanie Matranga (FR), Junko Oki (JAP), Silke Otto-Knapp (DE) and Sophie von Hellermann (UK). The exhibition will be installed in our downtown Brussels gallery during the first edition of the Independent in Brussels.