press release


09.04.2021 - 20.03.2022

Opening alongside these two solo-exhibitions is 84 STEPS, which occupies an entire floor of Kunstinstituut Melly. The initiative features projects at the intersection of art and education. This transformation of a white-cube gallery into a dynamic space for socializing art follows our 2018 makeover of the ground-floor gallery, MELLY. The name marks the distance from the ground-floor to the third-floor galleries, where the initiative is sited. The first edition of this initiative features immersive art installations by Afra Eisma, The Feminist Health Care Research Group (Inga Zimprich), Moosje M Goosen and Daily Practice (Suzanne Weenink), Raja’a Khalid, Lisa Tan, Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy, and Romily Alice Walden. Unfolding over the course of a year, the programming within these installations will give special attention to issues surrounding mental health. The opening program is MINDSCAPES, an online conference co-organized with SICK! Festival in Manchester, April 22-23, 2021.

84 STEPS is led by Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy and De Graaf, and programmed with Veronika Babayan, Jessy Koeiman, Emmelie Mijs, Aqueene Wilson, and Vivian Ziherl; it is organized by Wendy van Slagmaat-Bos.