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Factories are reference points in Western culture, true icons lodged in the collective imagination of capitalist societies. Symbols in a different age of the industrial revolution and of the economic expansion of the market, today, industrial spaces possess the ability to capture the dramatic memory and the uncertain present of a system which has cast its net across the length and breadth of our planet.

From Adam Smith's thesis on the wealth of nations to Marx's dialectical materialism or the theories of the machinic individual of Deleuze and Guattari, man, and his relationship to the systems of production which have occurred over time, has been the main character of a very particular story, that of work, that contains itself many of the paradoxes of modernism. A story that can be interpreted not only through economy, sociology, antropology or philosophy, but also through countless artistic proposals which have appropriated of the dialectic between workers and factories.

A Factory, A Machine, A Body... Archaeology and Memory of Industrial Spaces, aims to establish a fragmentary cartography of how the artistic practices of the 21st Century have critically positioned themselves before postmodern processes of production and have used industrial production as a metaphor to explain the condition of the subject in this brief period of time, our present, in which regimes of industrial visibility have been profundaly altered.

Centre d'art la Panera, Lleida (Spain) 06.05.2009 - 30.08.2009

Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico DF. 17.10.2009 - 14.02.2010

Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla · Oliver Boberg · Edward Burtynsky · Octavi Comeron · Chen Chieh-Jen Stéphane Couturier · Peter Downsbrough · Harun Farocki · Alicia Framis · Liam Gillick · Thomas Ruff

Curator: Alberto Sánchez Balmisa

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A Factory, A Machine, A Body...
Archaeology and Memory of Industrial Spaces
Kurator: Alberto Sanchez Balmisa

Künstler: Allora & Calzadilla, Oliver Boberg, Edward Burtynsky, Octavi Comeron, Chen Chieh-Jen Stephane Couturier, Peter Downsbrough, Harun Farocki, Alicia Framis, Liam Gillick, Thomas Ruff

06.05.09 - 30.08.09 Centre d´Art la Panera, Lerida
17.10.09 - 14.02.10 MUAC Mexico City