press release

A “Ladies Almanack*“ builds the parenthesis for the exhibition of the three artists at tranzitdisplay. The title is borrowed from the famous book “Ladies Almanack” by Djuna Barnes about a predominantly lesbian circle in Paris of the late 1920s, full of obscure language, inside jokes and ambiguity.

The exhibited works by Dorit Margreiter, Ines Doujak and Katrina Daschner deal partly with lesbianism in different forms, but it is not the main focus of attention in their works.

Each of these artistic positions deals with a specific theme, and while their art differs greatly, they all share a structural approach, which critically questions the orders determining social aspects of our lives, our culture and politics.

Thanks to MUMOK, Wien

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A Ladies Almanack
Dorit Margreiter, Ines Doujak, Katrina Daschner
Kurator: Hedwig Saxenhuber